Blunder is an Easy box.


  • Nmap
  • Dirsearch
  • Cewl
  • Custom Python Script

Note: for ease of use, i just added the ip address of the machine to my hosts file.


As usual the first step during solving any machine is the scanning. Scanning can be done through many tools, but Nmap is the beloved one.


nmap -Pn -sC -sV -v -T5  -oA Nmap/blunder blun

Used Tools

  1. Nmap
  2. Searchsploit
  3. Burb Suite
  4. FTP Client
  5. SmbClient


As always we begin with scanning the target using beloved Nmap

nmap -sC -sV -T5 -v -oA Nmap/ServMon servmon.htb

This is my first write up for a HackTheBox Machine, it’s Traverxec.

Let’s start with scanning it. I do have my readymade script which first scan for all open ports, then do a service enumeration and other stuff on the opened ports.

Here is the scanning bash script:

echo Grabbing ports...
ports=$(nmap -p- --min-rate 1000 -v -T4 $1 | grep ^[0-9] | cut -d '/' -f 1 | tr '\n' ',' | sed s/,$//)
echo Ports grabbed!
echo Scanning...
nmap -sC -v -sV -Pn -p $ports $1 $2 $3

Now i will run the below command: traverxec.htb


Khaled Fawzy

Security Researcher

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